Join the NEW “Get What You Want Accelerator” A 7-week Live Mentoring Program with Brian

Yes! Brian, I want you to show me how to get what I want — FAST!

Secure my spot in your new 7-week program “Get What You Want Accelerator”. I know this is most likely the last chance to work with you this close for such an amazing price!

A Completely NEW Live Program

“Get What You Want Accelerator” is a new program that’s completely different from Brian’s other live programs. 


“Get What You Want Accelerator” is designed to help you get what you want. That’s why at the beginning of this program, you’ll choose up to three things you want to get. Then, in each session, Brian will take you through a vital step for you to get it. 

You’ll also get weekly assignments and daily actions that bring you closer to reaching your goals — and making lasting change in your life. This is most likely your only chance to go through this program LIVE with Brian!

Here’s What You Get:

★ 7 live sessions with Brian (including live Spellbreaks on different topics)

90-minute weekly sessions with Brian and other participants where Brian’ll show you what to do to get what you want.

★ Weekly assignments and daily actions designed to help you get what you want

★ Lifetime access to the recordings of this program

★ FREE access to Brian’s flagship course, “Living in Oneness: The Key to Getting What You Want” (Regular price: $444, yours FREE!)  

★ FREE copy of Brian’s book “Break Your Self-Help Addiction” in ebook and audiobook formats (Regular price: $30.88, yours FREE!)

A private group where you’ll post your assignments, ask questions and get Brian’s feedback

★ And much more!

All of this is designed with one goal — to help you get what you want — FAST. And as you’ll soon see, you can join it for 70% LESS what Brian’s single 1-on-1 session costs!

As You Join “Get What You Want Accelerator”, You Will . . .

Find a clear, step-by-step plan to getting what you want
Brian will show you the actions to take every time you want to get or achieve something. When you finish this program, you’ll have a proven plan you’ll follow every time you want to get or achieve something. You’ll have THE KEY to changing your life.

Discover how you’re unconsciously holding yourself back.
Brian will show you the ONE hidden paradigm that destroys your life and stops you from getting what you want. You’ll break free from it and experience instant results in every area of your life.

Find true, deep peace of mind — no matter the circumstances.
You’ll discover you can be at peace ALL the time. And you’ll know exactly how to achieve it. This is critical, especially in these crazy times.

Discover how to overcome your financial, relationship, health, self-esteem, past trauma and any other struggles.
You’ll completely transform your feelings, thoughts and experiences in every area of your life.

You’ll get a bulletproof way to stop your feelings and emotions from ruining your life.
You’ll know how to deal with your emotions and feelings every time they show up. And how to heal them and make them stop destroying your life.

Dissolve fear, misery, sadness and become truly present.
Only in the present can you face different situations with peace. And dissolve all the fear that keeps you stuck.

Discover how to truly love yourself so that you can become unconditionally happy.
Everyone talks about self-love. Brian shows you how to do it and find the happiness, respect and appreciation you desire.

And much more!

Most Likely the LAST CHANCE to Work With Brian in This Formula
Brian is very busy now with 1-on-1 work and wants to spend as much time with his kids as possible. He already announced the end of his ongoing live programs. 

That’s why “Get What You Want Accelerator” is most likely your last chance to work with him this close — without investing thousands of dollars!
Hurry, enrollment ends on Sunday, November 28th at 11:59 PM Pacific Time!
“Get What You Want Accelerator” starts on Tuesday, November 30th at
 12 noon Pacific Time / 8pm UK / 9pm CET —
and every next session will be held at the same time.
If you can’t make it for a live session — don’t worry. You can ask your question in our private group and Brian will answer them either under your post or in the session. 

Plus, you’ll get the recording in 2 hours after each live session.
Join Us NOW
A single 1-on-1 session with Brian costs $3,333. Yet in this program, you get 7, 90-minute sessions with Brian and other participants, plus lots of valuable gifts. 

All of that for 70% LESS than what a single session costs! Because to join “Get What You Want Accelerator” you only have to invest $999.

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