*Limited Number of Sessions Available*

*This Offer Expires on August 31*

Get a 1-on-1 Session With Brian Before He Raises The Price

Yes, Brian, I want to work with you 1-on-1 over a video call! I know you can help me dissolve the real roots of all my struggles, fears and frustrations — and I’m ready for it!

I understand that I can secure the session at the old price now and have 12 months to use it. I also understand that after August 31 the price of a single 1-on-1 session will rise from $888 to $3,333. Please, enroll me right now at the old price!

You Get:

You can choose one of the three packages of 1-on-1 sessions with Brian. You can get them now at the old price and you have 12 months to use them.

★ A Single 1-hour Session - if you want to meet with Brian at the old price just once. (Only 12 sessions are available. If you’re number 13, sorry, you’ve missed out! Price: $888. After August 31, the price of a single 1-on-1 session will rise to $3,333)

★ A 3-hour Package - if you want to secure three 1-hour sessions with Brian at the old price (Only 4 packages are available. If you’re number 5, you’ve missed out! Price: $2,444)

★ A 5-hour Package - if you want to have five 1-hour sessions with Brian at the old price (Only 2 packages are available. If you’re third, you’ve missed out! Price: $4,222)

Hurry, the number of sessions available at the old price is very limited (check below how many are left).
 This offer ends on August 31.

To secure your spot, choose your package and fill out the secure order form on this page.

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    Five 1 hour sessions one-time payment ($4222.00)$4222.00

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Stephanie Sterling

“I am no longer holding myself back from accepting love, joy and abundance”

“Wow! ONE session with Brian D. Ridgway, and I am blown away. He was able to guide me to answers within myself that have been holding me back from accepting love, joy &

abundance. Brian, thank you.”

Carie Jackson

“Brian completely

CHANGED my life”

“Brian completely changed my life. My income, my relationships, my confidence. It is amazing.”

Felicia Slattery

“In one session, Brian

helped me release a

major life issue”

“I’m not into the “woo-woo” fluffy stuff and I was a bit skeptical. But somehow, Brian was able to help me, in one session, to find and release a major life issue that had been holding me back—that I didn’t even know I had! Brian is THE guy who can help you, too.”

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